Couldn’t catch the stream? Want to see that crazy play again? Looking for a certain deck? Look no further than my Youtube page!

A lot of my stream content ends up on YouTube, where it is cleanly organized by sections. I upload an average of one video a day, meaning there’s always something to watch even when I’m not live on Twitch. Beyond the usual Standard, Modern, Legacy, and Limited content, there’s also fun clips from the stream, card previews, box openings, reaction videos, and life updates, as well as playlists for my official videos and event coverage feature matches/deck techs.

I’m looking forward to expanding my YouTube content in the future, bringing more themed shows and YouTube-specific content. Beyond Magic you’ll also find me dabbling in other games as well, such as Starcraft 2 on Magic Pro, Starcraft Bro and various cooperative games I play with my step-son on The John and Jim Show.

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