Jim Davis
About Me

From humble beginnings trying to cast Tidal Kraken off of High Tide on the high school lunch room tables, I have somehow ended up with the best job in the world.

My name is Jim Davis and I am a professional Magic: the Gathering player.

What does that mean exactly? Well, after my 2015 SCGTour Player's Championship win I made the choice to take a shot at full-time Magic. I'd played competitive Magic for almost a decade, playing in Pro Tours and events all over the world, but it was always extracurricular. Sure a few thousand bucks in prize money here or there was nice, but it never felt sustainable in any real way. But with the windfall of money from the Player’s Championship and disillusionment with my teaching job at the time I decided to go all in.

It’s gone better than I could ever imagine.

Now I produce weekly content for www.CoolStuffInc.com, stream on Twitch.tv, produce videos on YouTube, and occasionally offer coaching services, while still traveling to events when I can. While I used to spend all my time quietly trying to conquer draft formats and break constructed formats for the next Pro Tour or SCG Open, now I spend most of my time focusing on educating and entertaining while building the best community out there and growing my personal brand.

Aside from Magic I love music and sports. I’ve played bass or guitar in half a dozen bands in my life, with the most recent called Teach Me Human, and had a weekly radio show on WUSB 90.1FM Stony Brook University college radio for over four years called Say Whats Radio that focused heavily on local music. Also at Stony Brook I played club roller hockey, where I was the captain of the B team. While not exceptionally talented, I always took pride in my “all heart, no talent” approach to the game. I try still play hockey whenever I can in local beer leagues. I’ve also played golf for most of my life and am a huge Starcraft 2 fan.

I live in Eastern Long Island with my family, my fiancée Nicole and my step-son John, who are often seen on stream and in videos. Nicole also occasionally plays Magic and has a mild resume to her name, while John is learning how to play and is the other half of The John and Jim Show you may have seen on my stream or YouTube. Their support is unbelievable and it would be very hard to do what I do without them.

Please be sure to follow me on my various platforms and thanks for supporting me and making what I do possible!

Selected Tournament Results
Injustice 2 Story Mode Superman Ending

1st Place; $20,000 – SCG Tour Player’s Championship 2015

Injustice 2 Story Mode Superman Ending

1st Place; $5,000 – SCG Tour Open Indianapolis 2015

Injustice 2 Story Mode Superman Ending

1st Place; $5,000 – SCG Tour Open Baltimore 2016

1st Place; $1,600 - Fandom Legends Week Eight MTG Arena Tournament 2019
2nd Place; $8,000 - SCG Tour Invitational Indianapolis 2011
5th Place; $1,500 - Twitch Rivals Team Draft Challenge with Gabriel Nassif 2019
6th Place; $1,000 - Twitch Rivals Standard 2020 MTG Arena Tournament 2019
7th Place; $5,000 - New Capenna Championship 2022
8th Place; $1,000 - Grand Prix Dallas 2007
13th Place; $1,400 - Dreamhack MTGA Open Anaheim 2020
24th Place; $2,000 - Pro Tour Prague 2006
33rd Place; $1,300 - Pro Tour Honolulu 2009

2 Other SCG Invitational Top 8s
More than 20 SCG Open Top 8s
60 Lifetime Pro Points