I started streaming on in 2016 after my SCG Tour Player’s Championship win and it has formed the backbone of my career as a full-time Magic content creator.

The goal of the stream, like all my other content, is to entertain and inform, bringing you not only a fun show to watch but also the information you need to improve as a Magic player and widen your overall enjoyment of the game. We have an awesome community built up on the stream, with a chat that is active, positive, and fun. Negativity is discouraged, and anything hateful or blatantly derogatory is quickly snuffed out.

The primary focus is of course Magic: the Gathering content, where we play a mixture of many formats across both platforms (MTG Arena and Magic Online). Standard is most commonly played, with a healthy amount of Modern and Legacy mixed in as well. Occasionally we will be playing Limited on MTG Arena or Cube Drafting on Magic Online, while also partaking in whatever fun and unique events either platform has available. Many of these streams will find their way onto my YouTube, but subscribers can always access my Twitch VODs on demand.

Aside from Magic we occasionally play other games on stream as well. I do a show called “Magic Pro, Starcraft Bro” where I play ranked Starcraft 2, one of my favorite games outside of Magic. I only play Zerg and am a low level Diamond player, so if you ever wanted to watch a Magic pro fumble around in another game it’s the perfect chance. I also do a show with my stepson called “The John and Jim Show” where we play cooperative, mostly retro games together. Both of these shows can be found on my YouTube alongside my Magic content.

Subscribing to the Twitch stream is the best way to support me both as a Magic player and a streamer/content creator. For only $4.99 a month you get:

  • No ads
  • Access to my exclusive emotes
  • Access to my Twitch VODs on demand
  • Access to my private Discord server
  • My decklist before each event
  • A Christmas card each year
  • Free contests like Survivor Football with prizes
  • And More!
  • You also get the warm and fuzzy feeling of supporting a content creator who's doing what he loves; Magic and content creation is my full time gig and what I do for a living, so your support makes that possible!

    Another way to support and get directly involved with the stream is with a direct donation. I do number of great bonuses for donating, ranging from getting advice on your decklist to me actually building you a deck based around your ideas and playing it on stream. For more information on that please check out the “I Play Your Deck” page! Of course, tips “just because” are always welcome and appreciated too : )