My content creation journey in Magic started six years ago, with my first article for about a Modern PTQ win with Splinter Twin. It’s funny to think that I was apprehensive at the time about writing because I preferred to not be in the spotlight. How times change!

I spent the next few years writing for, learning my trade with some of the best in the business while I got to experiment with all different mediums of content. I did tournament reports, new card reviews, in depth strategy fundamentals, fun community stuff, Cube design theory, game play videos, and even was a guest on the VS Series a few times.

But at the end of 2018 a new opportunity presented itself. Evan Erwin, of Magic Show fame and now Media Manager of, offered me a position headlining the content side of, one of the largest game retailers on the internet. It was tough leaving after half a decade of service, but the new challenge was too exciting to pass up. Now on I get to produce a video article with a short write-up every Monday as well as a full written article every Friday, with occasional extras like new card previews thrown in for good measure.

The goal of my writing is to be both entertaining and informative, providing the reader with end goal of learning and improving as a Magic player without feeling like they are doing homework. I also love to write about brews and fun decks I’ve been working on, with the ideal scenario being me writing about a brew, playing it in a tournament, and then doing well with it. I do a “Pro Tour Predictions” article every Pro Tour, as well as a few recurring articles like my “Love/Hate” article each time a new set comes out. I always welcome feedback, positive and negative, so don’t be shy of letting me know what you think of my work!

You can find my latest articles below, as well as some of my all time favorites.